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  • Cole Przybyla

$10,000 Business Grant and Free PPE Supplies

The $2000 PPE Grant from the County of Tuolumne has changed. The highlights:

· Businesses and Private Non-Profits can apply

· Grant amount is up to $10,000

· County of Tuolumne and City businesses/Non-Profits with less than 100 employees qualify

· Broaden scope of allowable expenses for reimbursement

· The process for application is now digital

For More information and a PDF sheet on all the details, click HERE

To find the survey to apply, click HERE

As a final note, I have requested a follow up on how this grant will affect a business who already received reimbursement from the $2,000 PPE grant. A business will be able to apply for the expanded grant, but I do not know if you will receive an additional $10,000 or a remaining amount to equal $10,000. When I have more on this I will share, but for now apply!

Free 30-Day Supplies of PPE

Working with Cal OES, the Innovation and Business Assistance can facilitate Free 30-Day supplies of masks, hand sanitizer and face shields. Please click HERE to request PPE materials and I will coordinate a pick-up day for your business.

This opportunity is in addition to the PPE grant and past PPE deliveries. Any County/City business may request PPE.

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