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  • Cole Przybyla

Expected Tier Changes

I wanted to share some materials created regarding the recent rise in cases and impact to businesses.

With over 100 new cases reported over the last three days, Tuolumne is experiencing a marked increase in COVID-19 cases and community transmission. Hospitals in the region are experiencing a rapid uptick in the number of patients hospitalized for COVID. Because of this, we will experience a change in tiers and business practices in Tuolumne.

Please prepare for changes this upcoming week within the Tier guidance in Tuolumne County. When the state releases information, I will send out a mass text message within 24 hours to allow for business planning purposes. The State requires implementation of new tier modifications within three days. This implementation period may be reduced to one day and I will update you as we learn more.

Just to highlight several important industries, the CDPH Graphic Red Tier shows that offices close for non-essential work, restaurants must reduce indoor capacity to 25%, and bars close unless there is food service. It should be noted that the State will likely be accelerating the tier process and we may be moving to the Purple tier as early as this week or next.

Industry guidance for our current/future changes can be found at this link:

Finally, if you need to Make a Move to Virtual, please consider applying for the County Business Grant. Many businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity to purchase a computer/s, remote working platforms, etc. If you have any questions regarding the grant, please email or visit this blog:

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