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  • Cole Przybyla

More Information on Business Reimbursement Grant

As a reminder, the County of Tuolumne has a $25,000 Business Reimbursement Grant for Coronavirus Expenses. The highlights are:

  1. Businesses and Private Non-Profits can apply

  2. Grant amount is up to $25,000 and if you have applied before you can apply until you reach the $25,000 total amount per business

  3. County of Tuolumne and City businesses/Non-Profits with less than 100 employees qualify

  4. The Grants scope of allowable expenses for reimbursement has broaden, if you have any questions on if something qualifies, please reach out to

  5. The process for application is now digital

For More information and a PDF sheet on all the details, click HERE

To find the survey to apply, click HERE

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