• Cole Przybyla

Operating a Business during COVID-19 Webinar Recording and Q/A

On Wednesday April 22, 2020 at 6:00PM the County of Tuolumne Board of Supervisor's held a first of weekly webinars featuring information on Operating a Business during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Prior to the webinar, the department notified 1,526 businesses via a recorded phone call and 1,195 businesses via a text message stating, "This is Cole Przybyla with the County of Tuolumne Innovation and Business Assistance. Today, April 22 at 6:00PM the County of Tuolumne is seeking your input on Guidance for Operating a business during COVID-19. If you would like to join you can find info at www.tcdisasterassistance.com"

152 Attendees joined via the Zoom Platform and based on Access Tuolumne Website Analytics 161 attendees joined via a LiveStream.

If you are interested you can watch the recorded webinar HERE

Based on the number of comments and questions received, the Q/A report will be posted upon completion as well as the summary notes to ensure adequately addressing all concerns.

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