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RAD Card Webinar Key Takeaways and Webinar Recording

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

REMINDER: Utilizing $500,000 of American Rescue Plan funding and $15,000 from Visit Tuolumne, the County of Tuolumne is launching an economic stimulus card that doubles in value the moment it is purchased. It is called the RAD card, or Relief Across DoMo a program that originated in Modesto.

Here are the key takeaways from the Monday, November 22nd Webinar :

  1. The RAD Card Process is entirely digital requiring a form of access to The RAD Card Smart Phone Application, which will receive an update on Wednesday the 24th. The update will simplify the process for applying as a business (if you already applied, do not reapply) and will now offer a map for consumers to find participating businesses.

  2. As a business owner, you keep the entirely same checkout process and do not have to change your POS system. Additionally, you do not have to change prices. The RAD Card system incentives spending on full price items, tax included, and tip if industry standard. For a purchase, a business owner uses Phone Camera to "scan" customers QR code on their phone. Payment from RAD Card follows to bank account supplied by business owner.

  3. If you are a business with multiple employees, vendors or servers, apply with one account and sign in on employee's phone. For example, as a restaurant, you can have servers download RAD Card application on their phone, sign in with your account (they will not see any business information) and the server can take RAD payment at table side.

  4. Businesses will start to populate for our County on Wednesday the 24th. The advice, from experience in starting in other regions, allow a day or two for full court press marketing to familiarize ourselves with the system and process.

  5. Webinar recording HERE

For more information on the RAD card, go to

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