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Registration and Information for May 6, 2020 Operating a Business during COVID-19 Webinar

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 6:00 PM, the County of Tuolumne Board of Supervisors will hold the third weekly update webinar focusing on the new draft guidelines for businesses operating during the COVID-19 Pandemic and will be seeking input in responding to State and Federal guidance.

During the webinar, attendees will hear from Supervisor Karl Rodefer, Public Health Officer Dr. Liza Ortiz, Director of Innovation and Business Assistance Cole Przybyla, City Administrator Mary Rose Rutikanga, and City Councilmember Colette Such.

The webinar will be held via the Zoom platform.

Registration for the webinar is HERE

Attendees will have the option to watch the Webinar via a Zoom Link, livestream on Access Tuolumne, on TV Channel 8 for Comcast Subscribers, and by a toll-free phone number.

The County of Tuolumne is seeking input on the feasibility and practical application of draft plans for the business community. A new draft guidance for operating a business during the COVID-19 Pandemic for review can be found HERE.

Questions, comments and input can be submitted prior to the webinar by email to Cole Przybyla. In addition, attendees of the webinar will be able to ask questions live via a moderated Q/A feature on the Zoom Platform.

The Innovation and Business Assistance will disperse information in the future through, email, news outlets and Weekly Webinars.

To ensure you get the most accurate and daily information, please send your email to to add your name to an email newsletter.

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