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Tuolumne County Business Reimbursement Grant

Starting today, July 30, 2020 ALL businesses located in Tuolumne County, including the City of Sonora businesses, can request up to $2,000.00 of reimbursement for any purchases made after March 1, 2020 to mitigate changes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The county can only reimburse purchases with receipts. The last day to file a PPE Reimbursement grant is December 15, 2020. Please fill out the portions of form with Business Name, Address, email address, amount per purchase, invoice number and business owner signature. If you need more than 5 business expense reimbursement items, please print a second page until you have accounted for all your expenditures up to $2000 per business. If you need to retain original receipts for tax purposes, copies of receipts will be accepted. Link to form can be found HERE Please mail filled out form above and receipts to: County of Tuolumne Health Department Attn: Education and Compliance 20111 Cedar Rd. Sonora, CA 95370 If you have any questions regarding if a purchase qualifies, how to apply for the reimbursement or any assistance, please reach out to Cole Przybyla via email at

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